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Recent Projects
"A warm studio is a joyful studio"

Custom Vases

Cynthia continues to work on several custom-ordered vases. 


Amphrite, Queen of the Sea

Wife of Poseidon and the mother of Triton, this piece is being created for the Ekphrasis exhibit. A writer is currently preparing a story about this panel, and we can't wait to hear it!


2023 Design: Nostalgia

This year's design will feature overlapping geometric shapes to create a pallet of color that will bring you back to a simpler time. 


On the Sidewalk 

Cynthia is preparing this challenging piece in response to a poem written about a man who visits the gravesite of his birth father. This piece will be at the Ekphrasis exhibit in May. 


Salt Cellar

Coming in Spring, 2023, we're looking forward to adding salt cellars to the product lineup! Lidded salt cellar of cool glass stores sea salt or kosher salt for cooking or serving. 


Stackers, Sliders & Lace

Cynthia's been perfecting these new methods to transform glass from standard sheet colors to unique designs that have a more painterly feel. Her goal is for you to wonder, "how did she make that?". 

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