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Whitchurch Glass Designs forms custom hand-made pieces perfect for any occasion. Our glass is 100% American made, sustainable, and available for purchase online and at select local businesses across the greater San Francisco Bay Area.



Business executive turned local glass artist and entrepreneur, Cynthia Whitchurch has been experimenting and perfecting the art of fused and stained glass for over 16 years. She creates her art by melting and bending colored glass into custom molds producing beautiful pieces including bowls, plates, dishes, jewelry, night lights and more. Her work has been showcased at art studios, festivals and online, and cherished by customers all over the world.


Cynthia’s love and curiosity of how the light transmits through colored glass led her to study stained glass in Virginia. She is honored to have been the last student of late master glass artist Dan Fenton, recognized by the California Glass Exchange as the “walking-talking encyclopedia” for art glass techniques. Since April 2022, Cynthia has been completing Master Glass courses from Narcissus Quagliata, considered the most significant contemporary artists in glass. Through these courses, she has found her voice, improved her ability to transform glass, and become her authentic-self as an artist. 

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