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Brighten up your space with our customizable glass sun catchers, where inspiration meets sunlight! Each sunburst carries a heartfelt message tailored just for you, spreading positivity and motivation with every glimmering reflection.

Key Features:

- Customizable Messages: Choose your favorite affirmations or let us craft a message that resonates with your soul.

- Radiant Design: Expertly crafted sun catcher design that captures the essence of sunlight.

- Meaningful Gift: Perfect for uplifting spirits, celebrating special occasions, or simply adding joy to any space.

-Wedding & Party Favors: Let’s collaborate and create your perfect personalized wedding/party favor to show appreciation. DM us to discuss volume discount.

Let your dreams sparkle and your spirit shine with CustomSun Rays! Embrace the power of personalized inspiration today.

3.25” textured fused glass with satin chord. Mini suction cup with hook included.

Custom Sun Rays: Your personalized path to positivity

Color Combo
  • Orders can be submitted at the following gift shops:


    - The Red Door Gift Shop, Brentwood, CA


    - Clocks, Etc., Lafayette, CA


    Orders placed by close of business on Wednesday will be ready for pickup on the following Wednesday. Be sure to use “Gift Shop” to waive shipping fee.

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